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Every single estimation is done to the best of our judgment, using all the skills and knowledge we got. But keep in mind that we are no official financial advisor and nothing is 100% certain in any market. Sometimes, especially in crypto, even if you take into account all possible variables, it can go differently. We hope our estimations will provide you with important guidelines for your decisions but the final decisions are still your own.


Adela Skotak, Co-founder


Adela started her first business while studying Sociology on the Charles University in Prague, Czech republic. She started taking small gigs like translating, video editing or even travel guides creating. Then she discovered Udemy and started creating Udemy courses on several topics. Many of these became best-sellers. Later she started studying Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain and invested in her first ICO – Project0x. She then became a full-time trader and later, thanks to her popular ICO course on Udemy, an ICO advisor, leading many successful presentations to big investors. While investing and advising several ICO projects, she co-founded with Arie Lindenburg the CryptoUnlocked website in order to help people make money and get better lives. “Coming from a poor background I know the value of money, and if I have the information, why not. Often the right information at the right time is all you need.”


Arie Lindenburg, Co-founder


Arie started his career as an academic in the field of psychology & data-analysis. Instead of continuing the path of research he went into entrepreneurship. He grew his business teaching data-analysis by learning all there is to learn about marketing. Soon after he started a company teaching other entrepreneurs how to scale their business with his marketing strategies.

After a successful period doing marketing, he discovered blockchain technology and became obsessed with it. He started meeting with all the great minds in crypto, learning how to invest, trade, scout for good projects, how the technology works. He saw the potential of how blockchain can radically change the world by disrupting many markets.

He is motivated primarily to see how we can make a better world and also make a lot of returns by seizing the opportunity before us in its early days.